Audio Systems in the Classroom

Giving direction to a large group of students can be difficult without raising your voice, and a full day of yelling does no favors to your health. Student achievement is directly tied to clear communication, so making yourself heard over the din of a full classroom is essential to the learning process. Younger students often have a much harder time than adults in distinguishing consonant sounds, hindering their ability to learn in a noisy environment.

Teaching ESL and foreign language classes can also be difficult without the proper communication. Non-native English speakers require clear speech perception in order to learn, and understanding different languages means precise enunciation from the instructor. Without the proper voice amplification, students can quickly fall behind in comprehension and teachers can suffer from voice strain.

To solve these student hearing problems, Frontrow developed a line of classroom audio systems, including the ToGo Wireless Classroom Audio System. The list below explains the special features that the Frontrow ToGo system offers:

• OptiVoice – This built-in sound technology device features a single switch that performs the work of a full 12-band equalizer, ensuring crisp sound quality for each student.
• DuO – A two-speaker design that ensures sound amplification throughout your entire classroom, no matter where you place the ToGo system.
• All-in-one system – The receiver, speakers and rechargeable battery are all contained inside a single unit, for simple setup and convenient portability.

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