New Year’s Resolutions for the Classroom

With 2012 bearing down upon us, the time has come for many of us to make our resolutions for the upcoming year. While not everyone fashions these long-term goals, it’s a common practice to make resolutions in both our personal and professional lives. Creating a new goal for your life at school can help your focus and ensure you maximize your students’ potential.

Below are just a few ideas that teachers can use for their New Year’s resolutions:

  • Start a new extracurricular program or take over an existing one. As a teacher, you may feel that you have no more time to spare, especially to extracurricular activities. While you’re probably right in your assessment, considering how much of their own time and money teachers put into their jobs, I urge you to think hard about after-school programs. I found extracurricular groups extremely helpful in my education and social development, and with schools slashing budgets, it’s more important than ever that teachers stand up for the programs they most care about.
  • Increase your efforts to help kids that may be falling through the cracks. With the first half of the school year behind us, it’s time to assess which students seem to be falling behind or just not getting the attention they need. It’s fair to say that a teacher’s job of paying attention to every individual student’s needs, with growing class sizes and fewer teachers, is an almost impossible task. However, the New Year affords educators a perfect opportunity to evaluate their current batch of students and identify those that need the most help in the second half of the school year
  • Adjust your teaching style to the learning style of returning students. Again, with the first part of the year in the past, teachers have the ability to change how they are teaching based on what they know about their current crop of students. Resolving to meet the needs of students is essential for a good teacher, and there’s no better time to change things up in the classroom than the beginning of a new year.

There are far more New Year’s resolution suggestions to be found, listed for your convenience at the Association of American Educators. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know below.

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