Beyond Earth Day

Though Earth Day was last month, the notion of being green and eco-friendly is everywhere. With a growing concern for sustainable living and preservation, it’s never the wrong time of year to introduce your students to conservation. Here are few ideas geared toward classes (and budgets) of all sizes:

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Recycling Tree

Create trees out of recyclable materials to decorate your classroom or hallway. Make sure the students put them in a recycling bin when you’re done with them (if they don’t take them home to keep, that is).


Planting, either in pots or outside on school grounds, is a great way to teach students about renewable resources while throwing in some lessons about photosynthesis and irrigation. Evergreens are particularly great for this since students can see the results of their green handiwork year after year. (Our blogger Ellen just posted some great ideas for this.)

Animal Adoptions

Symbolically adopting an animal can give children a frame of reference when explaining the plight of endangered species. Respected organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund offer adoption opportunities for dozens of endangered species. Sponsorships include an adoption certificate and species information card so students have hands-on verification of the animals’ plight and the fact that they’re making a difference.

To the Core

This Playdoh project is a colorful, interactive way to explain the Earth’s layers. Students can pair up if you need to conserve resources, but everyone will we wowed when you cut the world in half to reveal its muti-hued strata.

What activities do you do to educate your students about the environment? We’d love to hear about projects for students of all ages.

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