Paper Roll Cutters

While school wasn’t always a super fun time, art class always provided me with a creative outlet and gave my parents an opportunity to post my projects on the fridge. Teachers also enjoyed the arts/crafts time, using it to decorate their classrooms and brighten our surroundings. One of the most-used props during art class was a paper roll cutter, sometimes on wheels and sometimes mounted to the wall.

These stands hold large rolls of colorful butcher paper, and each rung has a full-length blade that allows a clean cut. Teachers most often use these sheets of paper as coverings for their bulletin boards, making backgrounds for other artwork pinned over them. Kids can also use large sheets to create group drawings that decorate the classroom walls or smaller sheets to make finger paintings for the fridge at home.

Whatever your choice of art project, kids love the colorful paper and the wide space that gives them a bigger canvas than typical construction paper. You can even use the paper as a sort of drop cloth for other art projects, keeping your floor or table free from paint, glitter or glue. You’ll find a wide variety of paper roll cutters at, in addition to smaller paper cutters, trimmers and other art tools.