Holiday Classroom Crafts & Activities

The upcoming holiday season can be an odd time at school; everyone’s minds are already on to January, but the present seems to drag by. Teachers and students alike are getting ready for Winter Break and the focus level is exceptionally low, especially after year-end tests. Fill that time with fun holiday crafts and activities for all ages. I know I always enjoyed art time around the holidays, getting to make faux-stained glass windows out of construction paper and cut out elaborate snowflake chains.

Finding ways to spend down-time can be a challenge, so here are some resources for holiday school crafts and activities:

Finger-Print Ornaments and Milk-Jug Igloos – The homemade craft endeavors of an elementary school teacher, like these easy projects for younger students.

Group Activities through the Web – A good article detailing the different websites a teacher can use to engage the whole class in group activities, including recording a song together.


Red Ted Art’s Blog – An excellent source of DIY projects for kids of all ages. Includes holiday crafts, as well as plenty of year-round activities.

UPDATED: Pinterest Crafts – One of the many Pinterest boards with great classroom craft ideas from all over the web.

Handmade Tree Ornament

Do you have more craft resources for your classroom? Share them with us in the comments below.


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