Headphone Madness

Student headphones have been a staple of classrooms around the country since the invention of the cassette player, when teachers realized how effective individual audio lessons could be. The most popular headphone model is the Califone 3068AV, an affordable, durable option for both elementary and middle schools. Many teachers choose to get the 10-pack, a good choice when you have to get headphones for the whole class.

Califone 3068AV Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones


For an even more cost-effective option, you can turn to the Pack of 10 Stereo Headphones from Hamilton Electronics or the Personal Stereo Headphones from Califone. Each of these personal headphone sets comes with a moisture-resistant plastic bag to prevent the spread of lice, a necessary inclusion for public school health safety.

Hamilton Electronics Stereo Headphones


For both listening and speaking lessons, you can also check out our line of headphones with attached microphones. Califone’s 3064AV Headphones with Boom Microphone are compatible with PCs and Macs and work great for interactive computer lessons.

Califone 3064AV Headphones w/ Boom Microphone


Whether you’re conducting speech lessons or just letting your students listen to books on tape, student headphones are a great way to communicate valuable information in a fun way. You’ll find a variety of classroom headphones at School Outfitters, as well as media players and listening centers for group activities.