Presentation Carts for the Future

Overhead projectors and transparencies have been classroom staples for a generation or more, but we’re now 13 years into a new millennium; that means it’s time to say goodbye to the past. With the inclusion of laptops and digital projectors into classrooms around the country, teachers also need a new way of moving them around. Luckily, there’s the Laptop Caddy Presentation Cart from Norwood Commercial Furniture.

Norwood Commercial Furniture Laptop Caddy Presentation Cart

You can now stop worrying about finding space around your room for all your presentation components. The cart is an all-in-one station for classroom presentations, with shelves for your projector and computer, as well as an included power strip. The swivel casters allow easy movement around your school, and two of them lock for stability while you’re operating your equipment.

The laptop shelf adjusts in height along the frame so you can accommodate both students and teachers. A durable steel frame and fiberboard shelves stand up to years of rigorous use. If you need a larger presentation cart or other type of AV cart, you can check out our full selection.


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    Hi Karen, This presentation cart is $119.88. You can order it here: