Is This Seat Taken?

As former elementary school students, most of us are familiar with those little plastic chairs that come in a rainbow of colors. They’re extremely durable, comfortable and usually ended up following us through many grades. However, there’s another option for the classroom in 2013. ECR4Kids’ Bentwood Linking Stool is that option.

Built from birch plywood, these stools have an attractive design with rounded edges for safety. The natural wood look complements most existing décor. And although these little stools sit only 12 inches above the ground, they still have a weight capacity of approximately 200 pounds.

For lessons or story time, you can connect the seats for added stability and create an assortment of seating arrangements. These space-saving stools also stack neatly, which helps children learn organizational skills while you keep a tidy room. So, if you’re looking for something different, check out ECR4Kids’ Bentwood Linking Stool. Or, stick with the classics and browse our entire selection of those colorful Sprogs preschool chairs. Here, there’s no wrong answer for classroom seating.


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