Best-Laid Plans

How many of you create your own lesson plans? Have you ever helped fellow teachers in structuring classroom materials? Well, if you have, you could end up like Deanna Jump from Georgia, a teacher who started selling her lesson plans online last year and now brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Teachers all over the country have started posting their lesson plans on, a marketplace website that allows educators to buy and sell custom-made teaching resources. Most basic subjects are covered, allowing teachers to pick and choose from a variety of topics that best apply to their situation. Deanna discovered that her lessons were popular on the site and soon started to quickly sell.

Despite the success of Deanna’s lesson plans on the site, some controversy has arisen over her use of her students as test subjects. Before listing her plans, she uses them in her own classroom to see how effective they are. While this may not sit well with other teachers, she is still a teacher first and foremost and would be using these plans anyway. Selling the most successful plans on the side not only seems rational, but helpful to teachers in need of fresh ideas.

With many teachers unsatisfied with the quality of institutional education, getting help from peers appears to be a viable solution. Who else knows better what kids need than those down in the trenches with you?


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