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In my experience with kids, one of the biggest challenges is inspiration. When it comes to motivation or encouragement, the workings of young minds can seem prohibitively different than our “grown-up” way of thinking. For instance, after struggling with carefully thought-out behavior plans that produced lukewarm results, my sister haphazardly stumbled upon a huge success: Miss Emily’s Happy Meter. It turns out, what her fifth-graders responded to even more than homemade brownies, parental awareness and free-time incentives was making her happy.

Perhaps the genius of this method is its simplicity. It’s easy to forget that what speaks to kids (and maybe even adults?) the loudest are the most basic expressions of humanity: love, laughter and truth. Which is why, it seems, the Kid President has taken the nation by storm. Have you heard of this young sensation? The creation of Brad Montague and nine-year-old Robby (aka “Kid President”), Kid President urges us all to, simply, make the world a better place. First gaining popularity on YouTube, the duo’s most circulated video is called A Pep Talk from Kid President to You. In it, the pre-teen leader encourages his viewers to “stop being boring” and “make the world awesome.” The heft behind this simple message comes from a talented crew – composed of just the two creators – and, of course, Robby himself. Robby lives with a brittle bone condition that has caused over 70 breaks so far, and yet he believes strongly enough in his mission to dance, run down football fields and do whatever else it takes to “fill the world” with love.

On her blog, Danielle Smith writes about how Kid President helped her shy daughter lead her class in an empowering activity. Surely, this only scratches the surface of what this team’s genuine and inspiring project can do.

Have you used the simple ideas of Kid President to inspire your class? Please share your thoughts below.


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2 Responses to “Kid President – Simply Inspiring”

  1. Emmett BowmanMay 15, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    He didn’t write that speech so it is just a kid reading off a script and acting. My point being that it would be no different than just letting someone older doing the same and chaning the title to old president.

  2. DonnaApril 24, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Thаnks foг finally talking about > Κid President – Sіmply Inspiring | Sсhοоl Outfitters Blog < Liked it!