Portable Room Dividers = Instant Classroom

Need extra rooms in your school? Before you break out the brick and mortar, you might want to think about room dividers. We carry an array of portable room dividers in different colors, lengths and heights that make creating learning spaces quick and easy.

If your school is undergoing renovations or dealing with overcrowding, you can use portable room dividers to make temporary classrooms. Hang students’ artwork and educational posters on the tackable panels to make the short-term space welcoming. Articulate the individual panels of a divider to customize your space with right angles or rounded edges. Our selection of portable room dividers features locking casters and locks on the panels to prevent your partition from rolling out of place.

And if you’re worried about sound levels when putting that many people in the same room, look into a divider’s sound absorption. Many portable room dividers include sound absorption materials such as cardboard and fiberglass between the fabric to dampen noise.

What makes the dividers great for schools makes them great for places of worship, offices and conference centers, too. We also carry heavy-duty partitions perfect for commercial use.


One Response to “Portable Room Dividers = Instant Classroom”

  1. JanetJuly 31, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    Great solution for School district find itself short of classroom space now that the final enrollment numbers are in for the upcoming school year.