Classroom Activities: Cork

We all know how important it is for educators to make the most of their budgets, and summer is the perfect time to gather pocketbook-friendly classroom project ideas. One of the most versatile and affordable materials for school use is cork. Not only can it offer a sound-absorbing surface for tacking important achievements and bulletins, but with a little creativity can be turned into fun and easy classroom projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pencil and Cork Wreath by

This energetic sunburst is the perfect way to welcome students back from summer vacation. For customized flair, consider attaching students’ names or pictures, classroom values, or a teacher introduction to the sun’s tackable center.


Brittini’s Cork Containers by

Just right for a quick Mother’s Day gift or just to dress up your desk, these containers can hold just about anything. And, since tacked-on adornments or labels can be easily added or removed, you can change up your use of them as often as you’d like.


Cork Board Letter Puzzles by

For a more educational approach, it’s hard to beat these cork puzzle boards. With just some pins and rubber bands, you can help students refine their motor skills and learn letters and shapes. It’s a win-win for your students and your wallet.


We’re happy to offer cork products in several forms to fit your needs. Shop our rolls, sheets and panels to suit the project you’ve got in mind. What are your favorite creative uses for cork in the classroom?

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