Thanksgiving Crafts

The leaves on the trees have changed color, there might even be smatterings of snow around and, for many folks, staying indoors has started to seem a lot more appealing. You can tell that Turkey Day is on its way. And as Thanksgiving approaches, we can all start thinking about what we’re thankful for and the tasty feast that usually leaves a mountain of leftovers. We can also start thinking about the fun stuff we get to do before and after we eat; it’s a pretty important window of time.

So, if you’re looking to provide students with a creative break from ABCs or you’re already getting settled in at your cozy Thanksgiving destination, it’s a great time of year to start some crafts, especially if you have some knee-high relatives to entertain. Here are some fantastic ideas to keep energy-filled early learners busy, and make a few memories while you’re at it.

This “Thankfulness Tree” comes from Megan Sheakoski at Coffee Cups and Crayons. It’s not only a fun activity for the whole class, but it also helps teach children to be appreciative of all the special things in their world. Just tear and crumple a brown paper bag to make a tree, cut out some leaves from construction paper and start writing down what you’re thankful for on the multicolor foliage. Megan chose to stretch her tree out over sliding glass doors, but any window or wall works just fine.

What you’ll need:
A brown paper bag
Construction paper
Kid-friendly scissors
Crayons, markers, anything to write with

Up next, we’ve got a collection of classic “Pinecone Turkeys.” What’s better than the built-in activity of foraging on the playground for some of your materials? Kids are often more invested in their project this way, and they get some exercise in the process. So, first, unless you have some sitting around, you’ll need to head outside and gather up your favorite pinecones and leaves. Then, just apply googly eyes and a few other details to design one-of-a-kind feathered friends.

What you’ll need:
Kid-friendly glue
Googly eyes
Construction paper
Kid-friendly scissors
Packing tissue

Also, make sure to try the “Ice Cream Cone Cornucopia” from the minds at All Kids Network. I know this is quite a bit different than what you’ve seen above, but, hey, it’s easy to make and fun to eat. Just get some ice cream cones, any small treats (Goldfish were used here) and you’ve got yourself a nice portable snack that’s shaped in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

What you’ll need:
Ice cream cones
Any small snack

Do you have any favorite annual Thanksgiving crafts for students? Please share some of your best ideas for holiday activities with us. From School Outfitters to you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep crafting!