The Importance of Student Feedback



Evaluation is a familiar part of a teacher’s job. Once assessments by your administrators are over, and you’ve had some time to breathe a sigh of relief, do you ever dare to ask your students for their feedback, too? In most K-12 settings, students rarely have the opportunity to evaluate their teachers, but feedback from students can offer new levels of insight, perhaps missed by administrators. Good teachers want to know what their students are thinking, and the best way to find out is simple: ask.

Depending on the culture of your classroom, your students may be surprised when you ask them for their input. However, they will likely appreciate the chance to voice their experiences. For details on how to ask for feedback, Edutopia blogger Elena Aguilar offers this great advice on how to construct a survey appropriate for your students. She also touches on how to put the survey results to use.

If you’re interested in surveying your students, but still need some inspiration, check out the videos below. The first is from a high school language arts class, and the second from a middle school science class. Each teacher describes the feedback system they use and how it has changed their classroom practices. The results these teachers have seen will certainly nudge you towards creating more chances for student feedback in your classroom.

Do you have experience with using student feedback? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.