7 Educational Uses for Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs are ubiquitous this time of year. But they’re great for things beyond celebrating Easter and storing candy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite egg-centric activities from around the web, so pick up a pack next time you’re at the grocery store and create some learning games for young students.

Letter Matching

Write capital and lower-case letters on color-coded eggs for a matching game. Children will also work on motor skills as they pair letters. Via Budget Savvy Diva.


Paint Patterns
Paint Patterns

Put some paint on those eggs and start creating. Eggs are a fun way to make perfect circles, plus kids can use them to make patterns. Via Creative Connections for Kids.


Crack and Paint
Crack and Paint

This splatter-tastic art activity calls for putting watered-down paint in corresponding eggs. Then kids get to crack open the eggs and paint with the colorful “yolk.” Just make sure they have their paint smocks for this one! Via Teach Preschool.


Add it Up
Add it up

A matching game with a little bit of math, this is a great way for kids to work with numbers outside of the typical worksheet. Via Premeditated Leftovers.  For a different spin, replace the dots with clock faces so children get comfortable with telling time:

Time Eggs









Sink or Float?
Sink or Float

Conduct some experiments to see what will sink or float when placed inside a plastic egg. Have children hypothesize what the results will be beforehand, then test it out to see if they were correct. Via No Time for Flashcards.


Make Some Music

Make Some Music

Slip some dry rice into an egg, glue it nice and tight with superglue and you have an instrument! The sounds vary based on what’s inside, so experiment with lentils, sugar, dried beans and small screws. Students will have fun trying out the different results. Via WikiHow.


Easter Eggs Aren’t Just for Bunnies

Humane Society Egg Kitty

Are your students too old for Easter egg activities? Check with your local Humane Society or a similar organization – plastic eggs are a great way to hide treats and provide hours of play for cats and dogs. Organize an egg drive and donate all those leftover eggs to a local shelter! Via the Michigan Humane Society.

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  1. KarenJuly 16, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    These are such great and creative ideas for using something that you may normally throw away! It’s good to see different ways of recycling and to encourage children to do the same.


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