Extra Classroom Space in a Snap

PlayPanel Activity Center

PlayPanel Activity Center by Children’s Factory

It’s true. Space can become an issue in classrooms. As a pre-K teacher, having the ability to keep young students engaged in separate activities throughout the day is important. But children can become easily distracted; we’re talking about high-energy early learners here. So, it’s beneficial to visually divide your space, and I’m happy to suggest some helpful products that don’t break the bank: preschool room dividers.

While we carry an assortment of partition options like Angeles’ Sound Sponge Quiet Divider and Jonti-Craft’s Mobile Library Bookcase, my favorites can be found with Children’s Factory. What I like most about their PlayPanel products are the custom possibilities. The PlayPanels can be combined with durable, trouble-free attachments. Then, with just a few snaps, you can change the setup of the panels and move them around your learning environment with ease (each panel weighs less than six pounds).

Dramatic PlayPanel Set by Children's Factory

Dramatic PlayPanel Set by Children’s Factory

With vibrant images and built-in activities, these panels keep students busy and maximize the use of your classroom space. Dramatic play, mirror play, sorting, drawing and reading? Yep, you can accomplish a lot with these multicolored vinyl rectangles.

Plus, the budget-friendly Big Screen PlayPanels can be purchased individually, which allows you to build upon your classroom designs over time. Whether you have plans for creating an elaborate discovery center or just a small quiet reading area, check out our selection of preschool room dividers to see what classroom ideas you can dream up for your little ones.

How do you make the most of your classroom space? And what’s your favorite PlayPanel? As a fan of these prehistoric pals, mine is the Dinosaur PlayPanel Set.

Dinosaur PlayPanel Set by Children's Factory

Dinosaur PlayPanel Set by Children’s Factory





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