Classroom Set-Up Round-Up

Though your students’ arrival is still several days or weeks away, carefully planned classrooms are already taking shape. How is the progress in your space coming along? Are you trying something new this year that you’re especially excited about?

To help get your wheels turning, we’ve collected lots of great classroom prep tips. While most sources are elementary-focused, there are plenty of ideas here that could easily be adapted to any grade level. Please feel free to share more great ideas and sources on crafting warm, inspiring classrooms in the comments section.

The School Supply Addict has been collecting creative classrooms for several years. If you’re stalled for fresh ideas, start here to get your wheels turning.

Real teachers submitted their classroom set-ups to The Teaching Channel, and the community of educators voted on which ones they liked best. The winning submissions offer lots of inspiration in the form of varied configurations and unique themes.

Festive Classroom. Source:

Festive Classroom. Source:

(Like the rug in the photo? Find a similar one here)

Finding a seating arrangement that works for your space and your instructional style can be a challenge. These sites offer some guidance and will help you think beyond the configurations you’ve used in past years:
Affordable classroom redesign, with useful videos, from Edutopia
Ideas for integrating alternative seating options throughout your classroom
The Cornerstone for Learning offers insights on planning functional zones throughout your space

Sound Advice:
This teacher/blogger offers great insights on the lessons learned after years of setting up classrooms. This particular observation may ease unnecessary stress you might be feeling to decorate all of your wall space: “It is really hard for us as teachers to have blank spaces on the walls when the school year begins. However, if you have everything up on the walls before the year starts, it send the message to the incoming students that the classroom is yours, when you leave places blank and you put up class created work and reference materials it becomes their classroom.”

Check out one teacher’s outlook on personalizing a room in a way that is meaningful for him, and his students.

This all-encompassing guide from Really Good Stuff will be especially helpful to first time teachers.

Check Yourself:
Love a checklist? Once your prep is done, use this great one from Scholastic to make sure you have all your bases covered.

We hope you found a few ideas here to incorporate in your classroom. Don’t forget, School Outfitters offers all kinds of desks, tables, marker boards and more to bring your vision to life.

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