Ushering in the ABCs

Let’s talk about the alphabet. It’s awesome! When you’re a little kid in school, you learn how to recognize the characters, write them and recite them. Later on, you discover all the cool words that can be constructed with just these 26 letters.

But first, you have to remember them. A-B-C-D-E-F-G… And everybody remembers the particular tune for their ABC song. Often it was nothing too fancy. When I was in preschool and kindergarten, my teachers sometimes even put their own twist on it. Designed as a fun vehicle for memorization, you’d happily practice it every day until you could deliver each consonant and vowel with confidence.

Fortunately, Usher lent his star power to the alphabet last year. The talented entertainer teamed up with a few fuzzy characters from Sesame Street to sing what is quickly becoming a classic (over 8 million plays on YouTube as of 9/5/2014). With creative wordplay and some smooth moves, he brings extra pizzazz to this educational exercise, encouraging his audience to “A! Move your arms. B! Bounce like a ball. C! Creep like a crustacean and do the crabby crawl.” Add the video to your early learning curriculum – and soon you might have a new favorite style for teaching the ABCs!

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