Making Friends on the Buddy Bench

For many students, recess is the most enjoyable part of the day. Fresh air, games and plenty of aimless running are the perfect carefree release from the classroom – not to mention the friendships that are forged on swings and slides. Sadly, this is not the case for everyone; for some children – quiet ones, shy ones, those whose social skills are taking longer to develop – recess is an unwelcome reminder that making friends is hard and loneliness is painful.

Thankfully, there are ways to lessen the sting. The Buddy Bench from Ultra Play offers solitary students a safe way to find a playmate. When children see a peer sitting on the Buddy Bench, they know he or she needs a friendly companion and can join them to say hello or invite them to play.

Green Buddy Bench from Ultra Play

The Buddy Bench from Ultra Play

The bench features lighthearted detailing and durable steel construction. A thermoplastic finish stands up to weather and won’t rust or stain. It can be inground- or surface-mounted, or used as a portable unit. Choose from several bright shades to complement your school colors and make recess enjoyable for everyone.

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