EDspaces 2014 Recap Part 2

Day two of EDspaces offered sessions on healthy living in schools:

  • Designers Dina Sorensen and Jeri Brittin worked on Virginia’s Buckingham County schools to address student obesity and well-being concerns. They made stairways attractive and readily accessible while making elevators as hidden as possible while still being ADA accessible. They created a student garden and created open kitchens in the cafeteria so children can see food being prepared – pointing out that it might be the only time they see fresh food (and be their only reliable meal) all day.
  • Want to promote healthy eating but don’t have the funds for a brand-new kitchen? Try putting healthy lunch options at the front of the lunch line.
  •  A not-so-fun fact from Sorensen and Brittin’s session: American portion sizes have increased 200% over the past 20 years.
  • In his session on promoting healthy living through architecture, Brian Dunbar, director of Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State, said that studies in 2004 and 2006 found environment can influence teacher quality and retention. Researchers found that reasons for excessive sick days can be due to ventilation, lack of daylight, cleaning methods, lack of views, acoustics, disrupted circadian rhythms and poor filter maintenance.
  • Wood Designs had a lot of cool new products on display, including updated cots made to stack without the legs sticking together and potentially cracking. OFM introduced its Jupiter stools, which can configure in myriad colors and layouts.
    New Cots from Wood Designs

    New Cots from Wood Designs

    Jupiter Stools by OFM

    Jupiter Stools by OFM

  • Diversified Woodcrafts unveiled its Create and Explore 40K Giveaway on Day 2, giving schools the chance to win a collection of furniture worth $40,000 in honor of Diversified’s 40th anniversary. Enter your own video to win!
  • Mark Hubbard, President of Paragon Furniture, stated in his education session that kids today are used to being comfortable, which could lead to fidgeting and lack of concentration when they’re not comfortable. In the past, he said we did not have an expectation of being comfortable while in school? Do you agree? We’ve love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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