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Making Friends on the Buddy Bench

Green Buddy Bench from Ultra Play

For many students, recess is the most enjoyable part of the day. Fresh air, games and plenty of aimless running are the perfect carefree release from the classroom – not to mention the friendships that are forged on swings and slides. Sadly, this is not the case for everyone; for some children – quiet ones, […]

Believing in Magic

Much has been said, in the wake of his death several weeks ago, of Gabriel García Márquez. Even if you’ve not read any of his works, you’re likely familiar with his legacy of magical realism – and if you’re not, the concept is easy to understand: Magical realism tells stories of the world we know, […]

Everything I Need to Know

You may be familiar with the popular series, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned…” Whether it’s “from my cat,” “from the 80s,” or the original, “in kindergarten,” these are seemingly simple lessons that end up carrying great importance. While these lists are often made up, and not based on actual lessons, I’m happy to […]

Looking Back at What was Cool in School

Now that we’re all adults (whether we admit it or not) we know that reading, writing and arithmetic were an important part of our education. But at the time, one of the most important lessons picked up at school came from our peers – how to be cool. A recent Slate article takes a look […]