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Famous Lecterns and Podiums

Lecturing a class is, even at the best of times, an exhausting and somewhat trying experience. Holding the attention of students of any age requires a lot of energy, and having the right lectern can make a big difference. You can lean on it for extra support, use it to store materials you might need […]

Soft Play Fun Time

Do you remember how much fun it was playing in a ball pit? What about a time when sitting in a bean bag chair with a picture book was the highlight of your day? While that feeling may have passed with the arrival of adulthood, it’s still alive and well for young kids everywhere. Let’s […]

An Examination of Common Core

An Examination of Common Core Note: This post was written by one of our bloggers and is not the opinion of School Outfitters as a whole. Despite being nearly five years old, the Common Core standards that have been adopted by 44 states and the District of Columbia still have an air of mystery and […]

Summer Reading for Teachers

For millions of kids, teenagers and adults across the nation, reading a good book is an essential part of the summer. Whether it’s a student working through a reading list for next year’s classes, a teacher keeping up with the latest educational techniques or simply a breezy novel just for fun, it seems almost everyone […]