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Celebrate Ruby Bridges with your Students

Ask your students to name their heroes. Replies will certainly vary, but a few responses will pop up over and over again – Batman, a parent, a fireman or their favorite professional athlete. Depending on the grade level you teach, a handful of kids may mention historical figures like Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, […]

Classroom Set-Up Round-Up

Though your students’ arrival is still several days or weeks away, carefully planned classrooms are already taking shape. How is the progress in your space coming along? Are you trying something new this year that you’re especially excited about? To help get your wheels turning, we’ve collected lots of great classroom prep tips. While most […]

Living History: One-Room Schoolhouses

It can be startling to remember that the United States is a nation still in its adolescence. In less than 250 years, the rapid pace of development and change that has taken place is staggering. In this short period time, Americans have managed to build lives and communities, even in the most far-flung and rugged […]