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The Importance of Student Feedback

Evaluation is a familiar part of a teacher’s job. Once assessments by your administrators are over, and you’ve had some time to breathe a sigh of relief, do you ever dare to ask your students for their feedback, too? In most K-12 settings, students rarely have the opportunity to evaluate their teachers, but feedback from […]

Finding and Sharing Passion in the Classroom

For many people, seeking passion is a lifelong journey. Others are lucky to recognize an interest early on, hone it into a passion and allow it to dictate the direction of their lives. Passions are personal, but they often bleed over into our professional lives. Teachers, perhaps more than anyone, can appreciate how following a […]

Are You Cut Out to Teach Online?

Many K-12 students (particularly high schoolers) now experience formal education exclusively in the form of online classes. For others, completing a few online classes before their traditional high school graduation is a requirement. Not surprisingly, controversy surrounds the topic of online learning’s effectiveness. But ready or not, here it comes. As more states and districts […]