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The Cost of a Healthy School Lunch

With all the talk of childhood obesity these days, there’s a push to get healthier food in cafeterias. First Lady Michelle Obama is drawing attention to what children eat with her Let’s Move! initiative. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has called attention to childhood obesity and school lunches for years. Chicago school speech pathologist Sarah Wu […]

Teachers Pressured to Cheat?

The dreaded standardized test: many good students fail them, and many teachers say these tests take up valuable class time. Statewide aptitude tests are known for prompting instructors to “teach the test,” educating students only on material and strategies for the exam and nothing that could actually help them in the long run. Standardized tests […]

To Slouch or Not to Slouch?

Sure, the phrase “sit up straight” probably conjures images from black and white films shown to school children in the 1950s, but studies do show there really is something to maintaining proper posture…while other studies suggest the opposite. Good posture means shoulders up (but not pulled tightly back) with an outward curve along the upper […]