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Guest Post: Create Immersive Education With Binge-Teaching

This is the next guest post from Brian Smith, an educator from North Carolina. He’ll be blogging with us over the next few months. Binge-watching is watching multiple episodes of a show for several hours in a single sitting. This has become a national phenomenon. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and TV series on DVDs and Blu […]

School Is Closed/Let it Snow/Just Don’t Go: Favorite Snow Day Videos

With winter weather rearing its head – and the memories of last year’s brutal winter still a little too fresh – it’s become passé to simply announce your school closing on the bottom of a television screen or via a call on a telephone tree. Administrators and teachers are creating goofy, light-hearted song parodies to […]

Elementary School Valentine’s Day Activities & Lessons

February 14th is approaching fast. Looking for a way to celebrate beyond the standard parties, candy and Valentine card exchange? Why not incorporate Valentine crafts and activities into your entire day? Here are some ways to make an entire school day out of Valentine’s Day. Broken Heart This Valentine’s game requires concentration and teamwork as […]

EDspaces 2014 Recap Part 2

Day two of EDspaces offered sessions on healthy living in schools: Designers Dina Sorensen and Jeri Brittin worked on Virginia’s Buckingham County schools to address student obesity and well-being concerns. They made stairways attractive and readily accessible while making elevators as hidden as possible while still being ADA accessible. They created a student garden and created […]