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Thanksgiving Crafts

The leaves on the trees have changed color, there might even be smatterings of snow around and, for many folks, staying indoors has started to seem a lot more appealing. You can tell that Turkey Day is on its way. And as Thanksgiving approaches, we can all start thinking about what we’re thankful for and […]

How much? Teachers’ Out-of-Pocket Woes

Educators spend their salary at work. This isn’t breaking news. When teachers need extra arts and crafts basics like crayons, they reach into their own pockets. Yes, teachers need change, of both the jingly jangly, coin-shaped kind and the financial reform, debate-filled sort. It’s an unknown cost at the start of every school year. “What […]

Writing Rhymes About Cell Membranes

I was never a big fan of science. Well, I actually liked it, but my grades didn’t always reflect that level of enjoyment, which eventually pushed me away from the subject. However, maybe a different, more creative approach could have pulled me back towards the microscopes. Christopher Emdin would’ve suggested that I rap. I think […]

Is This Seat Taken?

As former elementary school students, most of us are familiar with those little plastic chairs that come in a rainbow of colors. They’re extremely durable, comfortable and usually ended up following us through many grades. However, there’s another option for the classroom in 2013. ECR4Kids’ Bentwood Linking Stool is that option. Built from birch plywood, […]