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Thanksgiving Crafts

The leaves on the trees have changed color, there might even be smatterings of snow around and, for many folks, staying indoors has started to seem a lot more appealing. You can tell that Turkey Day is on its way. And as Thanksgiving approaches, we can all start thinking about what we’re thankful for and […]

Writing Rhymes About Cell Membranes

I was never a big fan of science. Well, I actually liked it, but my grades didn’t always reflect that level of enjoyment, which eventually pushed me away from the subject. However, maybe a different, more creative approach could have pulled me back towards the microscopes. Christopher Emdin would’ve suggested that I rap. I think […]

Classroom Activities: Cork

We all know how important it is for educators to make the most of their budgets, and summer is the perfect time to gather pocketbook-friendly classroom project ideas. One of the most versatile and affordable materials for school use is cork. Not only can it offer a sound-absorbing surface for tacking important achievements and bulletins, […]

Holiday Classroom Crafts & Activities

The upcoming holiday season can be an odd time at school; everyone’s minds are already on to January, but the present seems to drag by. Teachers and students alike are getting ready for Winter Break and the focus level is exceptionally low, especially after year-end tests. Fill that time with fun holiday crafts and activities […]