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Headphone Madness

Student headphones have been a staple of classrooms around the country since the invention of the cassette player, when teachers realized how effective individual audio lessons could be. The most popular headphone model is the Califone 3068AV, an affordable, durable option for both elementary and middle schools. Many teachers choose to get the 10-pack, a […]

Robots Grading Essays, Cats and Dogs Living Together

Grading student essays is a time-consuming experience that requires at least a little skill. Judging whether the student understood the purpose of the assignment, formed the argument logically and then used the correct grammar is exhausting, especially when you have to repeat the process for a whole pile of essays. Despite this hard work, I […]

Teaching & Technology

With the push to incorporate new technologies into the classroom, adaptation has become one of a teacher’s greatest assets. Feeling comfortable with interactive screens, changing software, the latest social media trends and the like can all keep a teacher ahead of the curve. Until recently, these tools were used as just that – tools. But, […]