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To Slouch or Not to Slouch?

Sure, the phrase “sit up straight” probably conjures images from black and white films shown to school children in the 1950s, but studies do show there really is something to maintaining proper posture…while other studies suggest the opposite. Good posture means shoulders up (but not pulled tightly back) with an outward curve along the upper […]

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Students Welcome

Parent-teacher conferences have long been a staple of school calendars. Lately though, some school districts have added an extra element to these traditionally adult-only events: students. Many schools, particularly middle schools, are reporting more effective conferences since switching their format to student-led conferences. Proponents of student-led conferences insist that they offer an excellent opportunity for […]

Not Your Customary School Chair

You might scratch your head at the giant, brightly colored rubber balls in our office space. You might even feel compelled to give one a good kick. As much fun as that sounds, these exercise balls serve a slightly less exciting purpose. Our conventional office chairs take a breather while we sit on heavy duty […]