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March 20th: A Day for Mister Rogers, Our Neighbors, My Short Story

Autographed Picture of Mr. McFeely

“It’s you I like.” “We can sing together.” “Please won’t you be my neighbor?” These are the words of Fred McFeely Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. There are so many skillfully concise phrases that this wonderful man coined. Kindness, tolerance and togetherness were common themes of his long-standing PBS show (31 seasons to be exact). […]

School Is Closed/Let it Snow/Just Don’t Go: Favorite Snow Day Videos

With winter weather rearing its head – and the memories of last year’s brutal winter still a little too fresh – it’s become passé to simply announce your school closing on the bottom of a television screen or via a call on a telephone tree. Administrators and teachers are creating goofy, light-hearted song parodies to […]

Ushering in the ABCs

Let’s talk about the alphabet. It’s awesome! When you’re a little kid in school, you learn how to recognize the characters, write them and recite them. Later on, you discover all the cool words that can be constructed with just these 26 letters. But first, you have to remember them. A-B-C-D-E-F-G… And everybody remembers the […]