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Summer Reading for Teachers

For millions of kids, teenagers and adults across the nation, reading a good book is an essential part of the summer. Whether it’s a student working through a reading list for next year’s classes, a teacher keeping up with the latest educational techniques or simply a breezy novel just for fun, it seems almost everyone […]

Believing in Magic

Much has been said, in the wake of his death several weeks ago, of Gabriel García Márquez. Even if you’ve not read any of his works, you’re likely familiar with his legacy of magical realism – and if you’re not, the concept is easy to understand: Magical realism tells stories of the world we know, […]

Teachers on Film

As I see it, there are two sides of teaching: the objective side and the subjective side. Objectively, teachers impart knowledge on their students, helping them learn about measurable things like reading, math, science and social studies. But, subjectively speaking, teachers can have impacts that are felt in ways they may never even know about. […]