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Celebrate Ruby Bridges with your Students

Ask your students to name their heroes. Replies will certainly vary, but a few responses will pop up over and over again – Batman, a parent, a fireman or their favorite professional athlete. Depending on the grade level you teach, a handful of kids may mention historical figures like Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, […]

School Segregation: The New Reality

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, school segregation is the worst it’s been since the 1950s and it’s because of money. Though the separation present today is a far cry from the days of Jim Crow laws and “separate but equal” schools, the ratio of black to white students has been steadily getting worse. How could this be? […]

Preparing for the Unthinkable

Schools should be safe places. Institutions devoted to the education of children should never have to think about, or prepare for, a possible school shooting, stabbing or other violent action. Sadly, it happens, seemingly more often than ever. Making sense of a tragedy like the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, an event […]

How much? Teachers’ Out-of-Pocket Woes

Educators spend their salary at work. This isn’t breaking news. When teachers need extra arts and crafts basics like crayons, they reach into their own pockets. Yes, teachers need change, of both the jingly jangly, coin-shaped kind and the financial reform, debate-filled sort. It’s an unknown cost at the start of every school year. “What […]