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Modern Classrooms Designed for Adaptability

As learning technologies and teaching methods have continued to advance, so too have the physical spaces that students and teachers work in. Educators, researchers and designers across the country (and the world) are beginning to swap out Industrial-Aged classrooms with ultra-modern learning spaces — classrooms that are adaptable, flexible, and seamlessly integrated with technology. Think […]

The Developmental Benefits of Playgrounds

Play is an essential part of a happy, healthy childhood. Child development experts have long known that outdoor playgrounds foster physical, social, emotional and cognitive development in children.  A slide, for instance, encourages the use of social skills such as patience and cooperation (as children may have to stand and wait in a line), as […]

Customize Products with Logos and School Colors

Today we’re featuring a guest post from fellow School Outfitters team member Rachel Jaynes. Looking for products that sport your school colors or can be embellished with your school’s mascot? Here are her picks for personalizing your building: Furnishing your school doesn’t have to be boring. With the right products, you can pep up a […]

Famous Lecterns and Podiums

Lecturing a class is, even at the best of times, an exhausting and somewhat trying experience. Holding the attention of students of any age requires a lot of energy, and having the right lectern can make a big difference. You can lean on it for extra support, use it to store materials you might need […]