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Extra Classroom Space in a Snap

It’s true. Space can become an issue in classrooms. As a pre-K teacher, having the ability to keep young students engaged in separate activities throughout the day is important. But children can become easily distracted; we’re talking about high-energy early learners here. So, it’s beneficial to visually divide your space, and I’m happy to suggest […]

Everything I Need to Know

You may be familiar with the popular series, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned…” Whether it’s “from my cat,” “from the 80s,” or the original, “in kindergarten,” these are seemingly simple lessons that end up carrying great importance. While these lists are often made up, and not based on actual lessons, I’m happy to […]

Winter Break: Top Tips for Rest and Relaxation

As Christmas approaches and the time for most schools to go on break finally arrives, teachers must decide how they want to spend their well-earned time off. The following list offers some helpful tips for the best ways teachers can relax and recuperate: Forget work. The most important thing for educators to do while on […]

Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches and the impulse to express gratitude grows stronger, I recognize that one of the things I’m most grateful for is my education. Not necessarily all the math and reading lessons, but all of the wonderful teachers who taught me, cared about me and generally enriched my life. As a gesture of thanks, […]