Guest Post: Professional Bucket List

We’re thrilled to bring you guest posts from teachers just like you here at the School Outfitters blog. Our first guest is Brian Smith, an educator from North Carolina, who will be blogging with us over the next few months. Bucket List, or, a list of activities and experiences that a person would like to see […]

Famous Lecterns and Podiums

Lecturing a class is, even at the best of times, an exhausting and somewhat trying experience. Holding the attention of students of any age requires a lot of energy, and having the right lectern can make a big difference. You can lean on it for extra support, use it to store materials you might need […]

Classroom Storage Ideas: I Vote Cubbies!

Your classroom’s probably pretty busy. There are so many students, supplies and ongoing projects. Not to mention the coats, boots, backpacks and lunchboxes that possibly need a classroom-based home during the school day. Classrooms really need to have some organizational solutions. When space is at a premium, teachers have to get creative. Here are a […]