Famous Lecterns and Podiums

Lecturing a class is, even at the best of times, an exhausting and somewhat trying experience. Holding the attention of students of any age requires a lot of energy, and having the right lectern can make a big difference. You can lean on it for extra support, use it to store materials you might need […]

School Is Closed/Let it Snow/Just Don’t Go: Favorite Snow Day Videos

With winter weather rearing its head – and the memories of last year’s brutal winter still a little too fresh – it’s become passé to simply announce your school closing on the bottom of a television screen or via a call on a telephone tree. Administrators and teachers are creating goofy, light-hearted song parodies to […]

Classroom Storage Ideas: I Vote Cubbies!

Your classroom’s probably pretty busy. There are so many students, supplies and ongoing projects. Not to mention the coats, boots, backpacks and lunchboxes that possibly need a classroom-based home during the school day. Classrooms really need to have some organizational solutions. When space is at a premium, teachers have to get creative. Here are a […]