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Sensory Tables: The Top 5 Reasons Preschools Need ‘Em

Children with a Sensory Sand Table

  Sensory tables are a staple of the preschool and daycare scene. Why? Little ones love to explore. So it’s important to introduce a special place for them to learn through hands-on play – and sensory tables can be the command center for all that tactile research. But why, specifically, do children benefit from this […]

Soft Play Fun Time

Do you remember how much fun it was playing in a ball pit? What about a time when sitting in a bean bag chair with a picture book was the highlight of your day? While that feeling may have passed with the arrival of adulthood, it’s still alive and well for young kids everywhere. Let’s […]

Win a Classroom Makeover at NAEYC!

We’ll be at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference and Expo at booth #1803 this week, so if you’re there, come say hello. Why? Three reasons: 1. You can try out products for yourself because we’ll have an array of Sprogs furniture and Primary Colors art supplies on site. 2. There […]

Extra Classroom Space in a Snap

It’s true. Space can become an issue in classrooms. As a pre-K teacher, having the ability to keep young students engaged in separate activities throughout the day is important. But children can become easily distracted; we’re talking about high-energy early learners here. So, it’s beneficial to visually divide your space, and I’m happy to suggest […]