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Making the Move from Library to Media Center

As Angela Webb, Director of Sales at School Outfitters, walked the halls of Sycamore High School, the first thing she noticed was the library – and that there was no one in it. The large space was full of potential, but completely outdated. Shelves were lined with old periodicals now accessed online, furniture was not […]

The Perfect School Chair & You

Furnishing your school can be a daunting task. Do you shop for cost or quality? For style or utility? When you’re shopping for school chairs, especially, there are myriad options. Whether you’re furnishing a brand new school or replacing existing furniture, this post is here to help you through the decision-making process. Classroom chairs need […]

To Slouch or Not to Slouch?

Sure, the phrase “sit up straight” probably conjures images from black and white films shown to school children in the 1950s, but studies do show there really is something to maintaining proper posture…while other studies suggest the opposite. Good posture means shoulders up (but not pulled tightly back) with an outward curve along the upper […]

Not Your Customary School Chair

You might scratch your head at the giant, brightly colored rubber balls in our office space. You might even feel compelled to give one a good kick. As much fun as that sounds, these exercise balls serve a slightly less exciting purpose. Our conventional office chairs take a breather while we sit on heavy duty […]