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Making the Move from Library to Media Center

As Angela Webb, Director of Sales at School Outfitters, walked the halls of Sycamore High School, the first thing she noticed was the library – and that there was no one in it. The large space was full of potential, but completely outdated. Shelves were lined with old periodicals now accessed online, furniture was not […]

Folding Chairs for Every Occasion

We realize that folding chairs are not the kind of furniture you’re going to get excited about. You probably don’t bother to think about them until you have a big event planned. But don’t let that big event arrive and then realize you don’t have enough seating, or that your chairs are too flimsy for […]

Is This Seat Taken?

As former elementary school students, most of us are familiar with those little plastic chairs that come in a rainbow of colors. They’re extremely durable, comfortable and usually ended up following us through many grades. However, there’s another option for the classroom in 2013. ECR4Kids’ Bentwood Linking Stool is that option. Built from birch plywood, […]

Getting More Out of Storage Cabinets

Every classroom needs sufficient storage, but cabinets often take up precious floor space. Make the most of metal filing cabinets by turning them into colorful, multifunctional pieces. Since storage cabinets have large, flat surfaces, using them to post classroom necessities like behavior charts is easy. Try using magnets with students’ names on them, so moving […]